Monday, June 4, 2012

What the Heck is Wrong with Erykah Badu?!

     What do blood, glitter, and "sperm" have in common? Well...Erykah Badu! Her new video was just released, and it is by far the strangest thing I have ever seen. The song is called "The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face," and it features The Flaming Lips. The song was so creepy that I had to hit the mute button. The video included shots of her fully nude body front and back....even her "lady bits." I mean, she left nothing to the imagination.

But that wasn't the strangest part! For most of the video she sat naked in a bathtub and covered herself in various fluids and glitter. She slapped glitter all over her butt and etc in slow motion, and they zoomed in on her booty rippling in slow motion lol.

There's also a clip of her covered from head to toe a la the movie "Carrie"  in what looks to be fake blood. In these scenes she is also slapping her booty and vajayjay in slow motion.

And at the end of the video she starts drizzling a white "sperm like" liquid all over her face and body. I have three words for this video. I...JUST...CAN'T. Has she lost her mind? Is she on drugs? Or is she doing this to boost publicity and give her sagging career a boost? I'm not quite sure, but I want the old Erykah back. I can't get with this new Erykah. She kind of scares me lol. And why aren't any of the men in the video naked? Why is it that women are always the ones using their body in this manner? It's really sad.

Now, I am a very creative person and respect art. However, I have yet to find the point in this. Well, of course there is a point. I think it is supposed to be about her first sexual encounter and the various emotions involved or something (based on the lyrics). However, I think it should have and COULD HAVE been executed in a classier way with less nudity and etc. Here's the video in question.

UPDATE: So apparently the up close/tight shots of "Badu's " um...lower region are actually her sister's. Her sister Nayrok allowed them to film her nether regions up close for those parts of the video. Everything else is alllll Erykah. Either way, my thoughts on the video are still the same.

 *Please note this video is in NOT SAFE to watch at work or around children.*

What do you guys think of the new video??? Leave your opinions in the comment section below!
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