Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Best Orange Lipstick...Ever!

Orange has been popping up everywhere lately, and it isn't because Halloween is around the corner. That's right, the color usually associated with the fall season has made a major dent in spring and summer fashion this year! The hottest color right now is wearing a bold orange lip! I find the whole orange lipstick trend to be very interesting. Current fashion is heavily influenced by trends from the late 80's and early 90's right now, so I guess it makes sense that the bold look would make a comeback. I remember this color being really trendy when I was a child. It seemed as if all of the women in r&b videos were wearing it...especially women with darker skin tones. I thought it was so beautiful! My mom also wore various shades of orange lipstick back then as well. A few months ago, I decided to give orange lipstick a try. I went to my local Walmart and purchased Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in the color "Siren" 677. It was around $5 to $7 (which isn't bad at all).

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in "Siren" 677
It is a true hot/ bold orange color! I love this color! I think it pops against my skin so nicely! Also, it would be great to wear in the fall as well! As far as the texture is concerned, the lipstick is smooth and creamy, so you don't need to wear gloss with it. The only negative thing I can say is that it kept getting on my teeth. However, I think that was more so because I have braces and they tend to stick out and rub against my lips. Otherwise, I like the lipstick. You can build it to your desired level of pigment. So if you are not ready to go realllllly bold just yet, start with one layer of it. It will look a little redish that way. However, if you want a bright/hot orange look...just layer it up! I think this lipstick is definitely a keeper. It won't be an everyday staple of mine, but I will wear it whenever I want to make a statement! Want to see more pictures of me wearing the  "Siren" shade??? Click here to see my video review of the lipstick. It  includes more pictures of me wearing this lipstick! But for now, I will leave you guys with a walk down orange lipstick memory lane. Toodles!

Orange Lipstick then...

Janet Jackson

Orange Lipstick Now...

Katerina Graham

Kiss My Fat......

Skinny Martina in 2005!
We've all been there are what point or another. You know, that moment when you realize it is time to lose some weight! I have been there several times over the years, and I am there again now! Click here to see my official weight loss journey announcement video. It includes pictures of my weight gain throughout the last few years!

I started trying to lose some weight a few months ago, and it has paid off! I have lost about 11 pounds within the last month and a half or two months! I was doing this in secret, but I realized that it was time to announce my weight loss journey to you all. I want to lose about 20-30 additional pounds, and I want you guys there every step of the way. I plan on sharing my diet & exercise routine as well as how I feel emotionally. I am in the process of trying to figure out exactly how I want to do this. Right now, I am thinking of making 1-2 videos weekly about my weigh-loss and then blogging daily about how each day goes. I am not sure how I want to go about this though. At any rate, I will be sharing my journey with you guys, and I look forward to that. Hopefully you can help keep me on the right track. I don't want to get back to my weight in the picture, but I do want to be smaller and in better shape!

My New Eyeshadow Palette and etc!

Hey guys! I have been very interested in wearing eyeshadow more often. I have only worn it on special occasions like date nights, formals, parties, and etc. The pictures below are examples of my eye shadow routine for special occasions and nights out on the town!

At a formal Event in 2008!

A casual night out on the town  in 2010!

In my daily life, I just stick to my signature black eye liner look, and it works fine for me. However, I would like to start incorporating eyeshadow in my routine maybe twice a week or so! I recently received an awesome eyeshadow palette from Samsbeauty.com. It is the Beauty Treats 120 Professional Palette, and it is $14.99 right now on their website. They sent it to me for  free, but I will give my honest opinion on the product anyway. They also sent me The Ruby Kisses 24 HRS Eyeshadow Magic Primer ($4.95) and an NYX Jumbo Pencil($3.49) in the color "Milk."  I realllllly like all of the products! The eyeshadow palette has a variety of warm and cool colors, so there are shades in their for all year round! The shadow goes no really well and can be built up to your desired level of pigment depending upon what method of application you use. The Ruby Kisses primer and NYX pencil are also great tools to help achieve a more pigmented shadow. I think this is definitely an inexpensive way to to started on my eyeshadow journey. If any of you want to get into wearing eye shadow, I would recommend starting with these items. Click here to see my video review of the products. In the video I give the pros and cons, and also demonstrate how the colors look when applied.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Natural Hair Puff Tutorial

Hello heart breakers! A few weeks ago I posted a video on Youtube showing you all a new style that I tried for the first time. It was an afro puff/ponytail that made me feel like Esperanza Spalding at the Grammy awards this year haha! Please keep in mind that this style is NOT an exact replication of Esperanza's hair style. I received several requests to make a tutorial video showing exactly how I achieved the look. Well, I am here with that video today! Please check out the video if you are interested in giving this style a try. It is simple and a great style to try if you are looking for "2nd day hair." In fact, this puff is the only style that I can actually achieve 2nd day hair with at the moment! At any rate, I enjoyed making this video for you guys, and I love the way my hair looks when I wear this style. I hope you love it as much as I do! Click "Read More" to see the pictures and video!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

14 Months Post Relaxer (4 months Natural) Update!!

It has been a while since I have posted any updates about my natural hair! Well, I am now 14 months post relaxer and four months natural...yay! I randomly decided to flat iron part of my hair today for a length check. Please keep in mind that I didn't use a lot of heat, so my hair is still frizzy in the pictures and video below. Also, I  flat ironed my hair "dirty" so it is not as bouncy and light as it would be if it was freshly washed. However, .my hair is in great shape right now, and has grown at least an inch or more since June! My ends are still uneven since I did my own big chop, but I will get them evened up at some point. Otherwise my hair looks great to me. If you would like to compare what my hair looks like now to what it looked like two months ago...please click here to see my June update pictures and video. Anywho, please watch the video below for a full update on my current length, regimen, and emotional state! Click "Read More" to see the pictures and video!

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