Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hanging Tough, While Looking Fierce!

Hello heart breakers! I am back with a fashion and entertainment combo today! Some of you might already know this due to my announcements of Twitter, Youtube, and Facebook. However, a few of you might still be left out in the dark haha. Last week was pretty amazing. Why you ask?? Well because I went to see New Kids On The Block and The Back Street Boys in concert! NKOTBSB definitely put on a good show. The boys sang all of their classic hits plus some new stuff. It was not a dull drab show that might be expected from middle aged entertainers. The guys were going hard like they were still in their prime. NKOTB had more stamina than most guys in their 20's lol! Their vocals were on point as well! The guys took turns performing hits from each bands hay day, and they even joined forces on some songs throughout the show as well.

It was like watching a super boy band on steroids or something-definitely what I expected and much more! I danced the entire my seat of course. We were seated in a box, so I didn't want to let loose lol. Plus hubby was with me looking bored and depressed the entire time...poor guy. Okay, so the pic below shows him smiling lol. That was taken while we we waiting for the show to begin. After the show started, the smiling stopped haha. Oh well, he didn't stop my fun was a blast. I felt 5 years old all over again.

Now onto more important matters- what I wore to the show! We got our tickets literally 3 days before the show, so I didn't have time to order an official NKOTB shirt online. I didn't let that stop me though. I am an avid DIY kind of gal' so I immediately started working on making my own custom shirt for the show. I headed to Michael's' and bought a pack of plain white t-shirts, some new Fiskar scissors, and iron on transfer paper. I then cut my plain white shirt into a crop top style and shredded the sleeves. I watched a few Youtube videos to get a feel for the shredding thing, but it was super easy and fun! Anywho, I then created a "design" in MS word and printed it onto my transfer paper. I then ironed the design onto the front of my crop top and tadaaaa...I had an amazing shirt. The project was fun and simple.

I paired my crop top with a high-waisted pin striped pencil skirt, a black tank top, white and black pumps, red wayfarer sunglasses with clear frames, and a yellow handbag. I added the yellow for a punch of something different and fun. As far as jewelry goes... I wore a fun Mardi Gras necklace, red hoops earrings, and a red bangle. I also wore yellow nail polish on my feet and hands. For my hair, I wore "Drew" styled in a ponytail. Please click here to see a video on my outfit!

Since my skirt had such a high waistline, I tucked the front of the shirt in and left the back out.

This look is cute with the crop top untucked as well though!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Drew" Goes Afro Puff!

Hey heartbreakers! I just wanted to share a quick little video with you guys. Some of you probably remember my lacefront wig Drew, right? If not, click here to refresh your memory. Anywho, one of my viewers asked me if I had ever styled Drew in a puff before. That question sparked my interest, so I gave it a try! Check out the video links below. I made a tutorial on how to achieve this look. Please note, this can be done with any wig whether it is curly or straight. It's easy peasy as well!

Click here to see part 1 of my tutorial on how to achieved this look. Click here to see part 2 of the tutorial!

The Sides...

The Back...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sipping Tea in the Shade! (Check Out My New Sunglasses!)

I know many of you are looking for the perfect pair of summer shades! Well, look no further because I have the scoop on a hot new shop that has awesome sunglasses and more! sent me 3 pairs of sunglasses to review, and I love them! Please view the video below for my detailed opinion on the company, their products, and more! And also, here are some pictures of me modeling their sunglasses... I love them. Visit them online at for a closer look at what styles they have available.

Red Wayfarer Sunglasses with Clear Lenses - $8.99

Black Cat Eye Sunglasses with Clear Lenses- $10.99

Red Crystal Heart Sunglasses- $10.99

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I am 1 year Post Relaxer Today!

Hey everyone! Exactly one year ago today I sat down in the salon chair and got my final relaxer! I can hardly believe it has been that long...sheesh! At any rate, I decided to flat iron my hair and do a length check for the special moment. Please keep in mind that I am 1 year post relaxer, and I just big chopped two months ago. My hair is short, and seeing it straight was almost like big chopping all over again. It was very shocking to see my hair straight anddddd short. Also, styling it will take some time to get used to. Anywho, check out the video and pics below about my big day. I will also be posting a video of how I flat ironed my hair tomorrow. Stay tuned! Toodles!

Bangs pulled back...

All down, bangs pulled back with a headband...

Half up, half down...

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