Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Homemade Avacado Deep Conditioner = Epic Fail!

When it comes to beauty, veggies and fruits aren't only used to help maintain a balanced diet and tight physique! Some of them are used for hair and skin treatments as well! My latest experiment was making a homemade avocado hair conditioning treatment & facial mask! Before I get to the details of my horrible experience, let me give you a list of the ingredients that were used in my mixture.

Ingredients for my hair conditioner:
  • 1 ripe avocado
  • 2 tablespoons of honey
  • 2 tablespoons of Extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of light mayo
I mixed all of the ingredients in a bowl and tried to "mash" the avocado well enough to get rid of any clumps. I even did a little mashing with my hands too! I then applied the mixture to my head, and put on a plastic cap and then covered that with a head scarf to seal in the heat and help it "marinate" so to speak. I left  the conditioner on for about an hour or so while I worked out and did some stuff around the house. I then used the left overs as a facial mask! The facial mask part went well, but the hair - not so much.When I removed the plastic cap I noticed some of my curls were almost straight(forgot to snap pics of this)! The ones in the back had maybe an inch of almost straight ends, and the hair was able to touch my shoulder...while curly! The hair was NOT like that before doing the treatment.
Granted those curls are naturally looser than my other curls, but they sure as heck aren't almost straight. I started to panic because the top of my hair was like that too! Basically the looser sections with 3b/3c hair seemed to have loosened up to the point of looking like I had heat damage or something! Yet, the 4a sections looked the basically normal lol! I then jumped in the shower and rinsed out the conditioner hoping my hair would revert. After rinsing it out, the curls came back, but still seemed looser than before! And the texture of my hair felt different. It was soft, yet hard. I know that sounds weird, but that is exactly what it felt like. Now, I think that might be because of the honey, because I've had  the texture feel like that before when I have used honey in other deep conditioners. However, this time it felt more textured than other times. So then I thought it was time to do a moisturizing deep condition to perhaps correct the issue. I then did a DC with Giovanni's Smooth as Silk, and it felt better.

Once I got out of the shower, I rushed over to the mirror to find that my hair was almost back to normal, but still looked a little off! I decided to just style it as normal, and roll with the flow. However, within just a few hours I started noticing tons of light brown stick looking things in my hair! It almost looks like little pieces of whole grain wheat or something!They were everywhere!
What it looks like against white paper!

As it turns out, the avocado was STILL in my hair! This stuff must be pretty hardcore because I rinsed my hair for like 15 minutes in the shower AND did a deep conditioner after that! I even rinsed it out in sections while in there so something like this wouldn't happen! I have been trying to pick out what I can, before washing it again today. As a result of all of the picking, friction and what not, my hair now looks a mess. My curls have no definition, and it keeps getting frizzier by the second. My hair is super thick as well, so it seems like no matter how much I pick it out, there are still tons of pieces in there. 

I'm the kind of person that gets grossed out by things like this very easily. So even though it is just an avocado, I feel like it is nasty or something. Anywho, I am going to do an intense co-wash today and see if that helps me get this stuff out of my hair. I'll be back with an update for you guys later! I've seen the rants and raves about using a homemade avocado conditioning treatment, but it just didn't work out for me. :(


  1. Hi, I found your blog! :-) I have an avocado conditioner in my hair as I'm typing. I pureed the avocado. Everyone I know that mashed their avocado by hand still had chunks in their hair after washing, so I didn't want to risk it. This is my FIRST time doing the avocado. I just used a few avocados & added a little olive oil at a time while puree-ing until it was pudden-like. The conditioner was super thick and creamy (I was shocked lol). I did a few skin tests and blended extra long to make sure there were no chunks and it rubbed right into my skin like a body butter, so I'm hoping I don't run into the same problem. It was also heavy on my hair too. With my hair being so thick I kind of like it and wished that it wasn't green because I would use it as a natural gel, because it laid my edges down. I thought about adding the honey but the first time I tried honey in my hair I didn't like the texture (HORRIBLE!). Right now I'm super tired of the smell of avocados (or avocados period), and hope that my hair won't keep smelling like it after rinsing this out :-(

  2. When you use conditioners such as honey/avocado mixtures and such. You are supposed to condition your hair before shampooing. It's not like the store bought conditioners; it conditions before you shampoo. Unless you are using harsh shampoos, you should be fine shampooing AFTER you condition. This is very important when using any mixtures such as mayo/egg or cucumber/avocado mixtures. Any mixture that is homemade and you leave on for a while, you should always, always wash it out after you are finished.

  3. I tried avocado before and the same thing happened to me. I tried it again a second time, but I pureed it in the food processor & then strained it through a mesh bag to get the fibers out. You can even use a piece of stocking / knee hi etc. plus less time 15-20 minutes, half hour tops.

  4. Just Came Across Your Blog. I Use Avocado As Conditioner All ThE Time. I Made YOur Mistake The First Time. What You Need To Do Is Putt Everything In A Blender Or Food Processor So That It Will All Be Smooth & No Brown Butts. FinD Out What Works Best For Your Hair. Please Excuse My Phone ThAt IS Acting Up At The Moment. I Section My hair, Apply The Mask & Cover In A Plastic Bag/Cap Then I Wrap A Towel Around & Leave It In Overnight. In The Morning Ill WAsH It Out With Conditioner Or shampoo


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