Monday, April 11, 2011

I Finally Big Chopped it ALLLLL Off!

Hey everyone! I finally big chopped all of my relaxed ends off. I did it on April 1st, 2011! Please enjoy the videos below! The first one is footage of me actually chopping off my hair. The second video is a slide show of my TWA (Teenie Weenie Afro)! Enjoy!

Raw footage of me doing the big chop:

-It is kind of long, but I wanted to show the entire thing without heavy editing. This was a major moment in my life, and I want to be able to share it in its entirety. Also, I talked throughout the entire experience, so it should be somewhat interesting to watch.

Pictures of my natural hair post big chop:

-This video is very short and to the point. It is basically a slide show of my 1st week as a natural. I did wash and goes and even attempted my first puff! Check it out!


  1. Hey Martina, it's me Pinkporche04 from your YT channel. I commented on your BC video. Anywho, your hair looks beautiful.

  2. Martina, YOU ROCK!! Girl you look sooooo cute!! I love the loose puff. Girl you ARE "drew", your hair is it's own version of "Drew" only better cause it's YOU!! Lookin good girl!

  3. it's very cute Martina!! Congratulations on your BC!

  4. yaaaaaay! congrats on having the guts to bc!!!! you look amazing!!!!

  5. Congrats!! I did mine too! :)Feels great! - Taren

  6. Thanks everyone! Also, Taren congrats on your BC too! I saw it last week. Loveee the idea of using a scarf to make a bow/headband.

  7. Congratz on your BC! I think you have alot of growth for 10 mths and almost make me think I will have enough hair but I'm still going to wait a few more months cuz my hubby would kill me lol... but anyway, I will start following you throughout your journey!! Good luck!



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