Thursday, August 11, 2011

14 Months Post Relaxer (4 months Natural) Update!!

It has been a while since I have posted any updates about my natural hair! Well, I am now 14 months post relaxer and four months natural...yay! I randomly decided to flat iron part of my hair today for a length check. Please keep in mind that I didn't use a lot of heat, so my hair is still frizzy in the pictures and video below. Also, I  flat ironed my hair "dirty" so it is not as bouncy and light as it would be if it was freshly washed. However, .my hair is in great shape right now, and has grown at least an inch or more since June! My ends are still uneven since I did my own big chop, but I will get them evened up at some point. Otherwise my hair looks great to me. If you would like to compare what my hair looks like now to what it looked like two months ago...please click here to see my June update pictures and video. Anywho, please watch the video below for a full update on my current length, regimen, and emotional state! Click "Read More" to see the pictures and video!

The Video:

The pictures:

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