Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My New Eyeshadow Palette and etc!

Hey guys! I have been very interested in wearing eyeshadow more often. I have only worn it on special occasions like date nights, formals, parties, and etc. The pictures below are examples of my eye shadow routine for special occasions and nights out on the town!

At a formal Event in 2008!

A casual night out on the town  in 2010!

In my daily life, I just stick to my signature black eye liner look, and it works fine for me. However, I would like to start incorporating eyeshadow in my routine maybe twice a week or so! I recently received an awesome eyeshadow palette from Samsbeauty.com. It is the Beauty Treats 120 Professional Palette, and it is $14.99 right now on their website. They sent it to me for  free, but I will give my honest opinion on the product anyway. They also sent me The Ruby Kisses 24 HRS Eyeshadow Magic Primer ($4.95) and an NYX Jumbo Pencil($3.49) in the color "Milk."  I realllllly like all of the products! The eyeshadow palette has a variety of warm and cool colors, so there are shades in their for all year round! The shadow goes no really well and can be built up to your desired level of pigment depending upon what method of application you use. The Ruby Kisses primer and NYX pencil are also great tools to help achieve a more pigmented shadow. I think this is definitely an inexpensive way to to started on my eyeshadow journey. If any of you want to get into wearing eye shadow, I would recommend starting with these items. Click here to see my video review of the products. In the video I give the pros and cons, and also demonstrate how the colors look when applied.

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