Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Makeup and Costume Trial

Hey guys! I asked you all for feedback a few weeks ago on which costume to pick. Well, I ended up going with something completely different than the ones I had on my list before. I decided to go with a cougar costume. I saw a picture of Kim Kardashian wearing one, and I thought it flattered her curvy figure really well. Here's the picture of Kim wearing hers...


I love the way hers was made, but couldn't find the exact one, so I went with a look alike. I found one made by the company Leg Avenue. It is realllyyyy cute!

I got it online from for a little around $50. Here is a video of me testing mine out. There are tons of pictures of me at the end! Please ignore my silly poses!

And here's a tutorial on how I did the makeup!

The awesome thing about this costume is that it can be transformed into at least two other costumes just in case I want to go to multiple Halloween parties and change it up at each one. I could go as a cougar to one. And if I want to be something else, I can just wear the catsuit, cut off the tail and slap on a blond wig. And BAM...I am Nicky Minaj.

And if I want to change it up again, I could just slap on a cave woman wig, and BAM....I am a cave woman.

And if I want to take it back to the 90's I can be Peg Bundy (or even a street walker) lol!

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  1. This is very impressive! Sexy cat is one of the most favorite costumes of women who wanted to show off their curvaceous bodies.


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