Thursday, April 5, 2012

Red vs. Blonde...

Okay, so in my last blog post I discussed going blonde. Now I'm debating if I should just go red instead. I am on the fence. I know I would like blonde, as I have tried it before with wigs and it looks nice. However, I think red would look nice on me too. The problem?? Well, I have never tried a red wig so I have no idea if red would TRULY look decent on me lol. I've seen lots of darker women around my color wearing red, and it looks hot on them.. So, I guess it could work on me too. The hard thing is picking the right shade though. I don't like all shades of red, so it has to be EXACTLY the shade I have in mind. Not too cola(grandma red). Not too bright (Rhianna red). A little bit alternative (emo red). But something acceptable in the work place (stick up my @ss red).  Something like this...

I would hate to be stuck with Ronald McDonald or crusty the clown red/sideshow bob red hair.  I hate the color Rhianna has below. I like red that has more a of black undertone if that makes any sense.

If I choose red, it would have to be a bold color, but not something that would be shunned in the work place. So here are the pros and cons of each color. You tell me what you would do.



  1. Would be something new and fresh.
  2. I could experience color without possibly using bleach and damaging my hair.
  3. It would look nice with my complexion(maybe?)
  4. Perhaps  it will be easier to lift my base later on if I decide to go blonde.
  1. I heard red dye fades like crazy. I have to co-wash my hair daily, so it will prob fade too fast.
  2. Blonde hair would be my first choice, since I just started liking red a few months ago. What if I have regrets/a change of heart right after?
  3. Might be considered less professional to employers since it will look a bit alternative. I'm trying to transition into TV News reporting and most reporters are either blonde or brunette. In my field "the look" is very important and they are very conservative. I don't see anchors down south with bold red hair. Most stick to the standard look. I'm already pusing it by being natural.


  1. I think blonde afros with highlights are sooooo cute and fun!
  2. The highlights will add depth and dimension to my curls and make them look more defined. I have superrrrr thick hair so it often just looks like a black curly cloud. There's no dimension.
  3. It's a cute summer color.
  4. I think it will be okay to co-wash daily since blonde needs lots of moisture.
  5. Probably more acceptable in the workplace than Red hair since red might considered alternative and unprofessional to "stuffy" employers.
  6. If I get tired of it, then I can just put red over it.
  1. Could cause my hair damage(loosen curl pattern/texture if bleach is used).
  2. Could stunt my progress and have me stuck at APL if I can't retain length.


  1. A nice red color would be 99/J.... It has that black under tone you're talking about! : )

  2. You may want to try Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Color to try out the red color on you.

  3. I say blonde. I'm thinking of going blonde myself. As long as you give your curls a little extra TLC there shouldn't be a problem. I'll check out the results on your you tube channel :)

  4. I'm a red girl, I'll always pick red and it's always my go-to color. So I'm biased, go red!
    montREALady on YT

  5. I said red, but the henna didn't work....


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