Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm Ready for "Glee" to Exit Stage Left!

Hello heart breakers! I am back with sort of a mini rant. As some of you might already know, I am quite a fan of the performing arts. I have been involved in theatre, dance, music and etc for most of my life. So when the hit show "Glee" came along in 2009 I was immediately hooked! I remember seeing the commercials for the show months before it aired and I was so excited by the idea of a show featuring kids who were into the arts. I was a "Gleek" before "Gleeks" were even thought of lol. I watched the pilot episode and the show lived up to my expectations. I even convinced my hubby to watch a few! Season one was amazing and I liked where the show was going. Well, everything except for the writers basically setting up Will Schuester(Glee Club Director) to cheat on and eventually leave his wife. I am not down with cheaters and I always hoped he and his wife would get over her "cray cray" antics and move on...sigh.

Anywho, the show had killer performances and a concept that many didn't have at the time. It was a great way to bring the theater/musical aspect to a TV show. If not done the right way, this kind of concept would have come off as too cheesy and would have been canned after season one. I'm sure you all are wondering why I think the show should be cancelled. Well, after season two the show went in a different direction. It became too geared towards pleasing the masses with stunts and etc.It was obvious that the producers were willing to do anything to get the ratings up. The writing reflected this, and the show started to resemble all of the other trendy teenage shows out there. If I wanted to see cheesy fluff, I would of just watched "Gossip Girl" or one of those other generic shows instead.

I knew the show would never be the same once they started allowing big celebrities to be featured. The focus was on Britney Spears, Madonna and etc...not the actual characters and plot. People were more excited to see the celebrity of the week. The show lost it's spunk and became nothing more than a stereotypical commercialized hot mess full of gimmicks! It was recently announced that the show will be returning for a 4th season. However, most of the main characters are graduating this year, so it will be interesting to see if the producers will try to keep the show going. Perhaps they will pull a "Degrassi" and just introduce new 9th grade characters to keep the show alive. Either way, I don't see the show making it past season four, and I hope they hang up their choir robes for good. In the end I feel like Tyra Banks did when she went off on that contestant named Tiffany during eliminations at America's Next Top Model. I was rooting for you "Glee," we were all rooting for you. LOL.

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