Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beyonce Steals the Show Again...LITERALLY!

Beyonce Knowles has been known to "borrow" just about everything she does. She lies about writing her own music, steals video ideas from lesser known artists, and even steals music from lesser known acts as well! Her entire image is basically one big copy and paste! Well, the "queen" of copying has done it again! She graced the stage at last weekend's Billboard Music Awards, and performed her latest flop "Girls Who Run the World." I saw the performance and while I absolutely hate the song, I thought her performance was amazing. I loved the choreography, concept, and usage of the screen. The effects were simply amazing! I was ready to give her credit for once. Well...not anymore! It appears that Mrs. Carter stole the exact routine, effects and EVERYTHING from an artist who performed at the Billboard awards in 2010. That's right, Beyonce stole her routine from lesser known artist, Lorella Cuccarini. Mind you, Lorella performed this exact same act at the show last year! Dear Beyonce...If you are going to do your normal "copy and paste" at least pick something that was done more than one freaking year ago. The fact that her team allowed this to happen is mind boggling. As an "artist" she should be ashamed of herself. Whatever happened to being creative and actually having a unique performance?? But enough the video below to see what I am talking about. Beyonce's show is on the left side of the screen, and Lorella's performance is on the right.

Billboard Awards comparison video:

Oh, and this is where Beyonce got her moves for the hit video "Single Ladies."

And lastly, she's stealing dance moves from another small group!

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