Friday, May 13, 2011

Hot Spring/Summer Nail Polish Haul!

So...I went to Rite-Aid last Sunday! I went there for a few items, but it turned into a nail polish haul! I normally wear neutral tones, shades of pink, and occasionally I will wear black nail polish. I decided to step outside of my box and go for hot/bold spring and summer shades! I ended up leaving with five new shades for only $5! Talk about a deal! I got four Wet N' Wild" nail polishes, and one Maybelline Express nail polish. The Wet N' Wild ones were on sale for 99 cents a bottle, andddd they were buy on get one free. So I got four of those! The Maybelline Express was originally $4, but they had an in store coupon for $1 I ended up getting the Maybelline Express for only three bucks. So in total, I got five bottles of amazing nail polish for 5 bucks...yay! I made a video about my haul. Feel free to watch it by clicking here! Also, I painted my left hand in order to test out the polishes. It came out nice! I don't plan on going outside of the house like this I just wanted to see what they look like on my nails. I have pics and a mini review of each nail polish below. Enjoy! Looking at these colors makes me think of candy...yummy!

Wet N' Wild 33628 "Easy Peasy Lemonhead Squeezy"

I LOVEE this color! This bright yellow looks especially nice against my skin tone (NC45). Since the color is soooo light, it took quite a few coats to get it looking "complete." However, I love this shade, and I can't wait to paint all of my nails this color.
It dried very fast as well!

Maybelline New York Express Finish 654 "Orange Breeze"

-I love this shade as well. It went on completely in only two coats, and dried in about 1 minute!

Wet N' Wild 33632 "NERDS Need Love Too"

-I like this shade! It isn't my favorite though. It went on really well, and the coverage was nice. It only took about two coats to achieve this look. It dried very fast as well!

Wet N' Wild 33626 "Made From 100% Cotton Candy"

-Simply A-maze-ing! This is one of my favorites out of the bunch! The loud color looks great against my skin, and it can be worn to work or play.
It dried very fast as well!

Wet N' Wild 33629 "Toss Me A LIFESAVERS"

-This one is def a fun color! It went on very easy as well, with only two coats. It dried very fast as well!


  1. great colors. I love you nail beds!

  2. Fantastic! I really appreciate it.

  3. Wonderful ! I really these colors!

  4. I love the yellow and green colors on you...they complement your skin tone very nicely!


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