Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My FIRST Attempt at 2-Strand Twists/ a Twist-Out...

So, last night I gave in and decided to try something new...a twist out. I co-washed my hair as usual, and then applied some Giovanni Direct Leave In mixed with Kinky Curly Knot Today. I then sealed my hair with some coconut oil and then applied my styling agent. For my styling agent I used a homemade Eco Stlyer gel custard. This stuff worked AMAZING! My hair dried soft and without any crunch! I will discuss how I made my custard in another post though. But anywho, it took me about an hour to twist all of my hair up last night. I then put on my satin bonnet and let my hair dry overnight. I think my curls in the back were elongated...which I like. However, I prefer my natural curl pattern in the front over the pattern the twist out gave my bang area. Overall, I think it is best for me to just do wash n' goes at this point. It's quicker, and gets the job done. The twist outs might be a great way to style the back of my hair though. That way it loosens up some and blends better with the front. Either way, it is safe to say I will probably save the wash n' goes for a time when I get more length. My results are in the pics and video below! Enjoy!

My Wash N' Go VS. Twist Out (the twist-out is on the right!)

Other Twist Out pics:


  1. love it!! the twist out that is..the wash & go is really nice also but i really like the twist out!

  2. I love your hair! Sigh, cannot wait to do the BC. Plan on cutting my hair this weekend.

    And your litle concoction is a good idea. I have all the ingredients. Ive had kinky curly custard since Fall. Purchased it for my two year old who has 3B 3C hair (I believe). I didntblike it that much bit flaked alot and didnt matter how much I used neither. :/

    Maybe have to try your mix.


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