Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Girly Snapback Hats...My New Obsession!

Hello heart breakers! I have been thinking it is time to revisit one of my old favs...the baseball hat. Back in 2003-2005 I was in love with rocking a slightly side turned snapback boy scout hat(I was ahead of my time). That was during the time when NERD/the Neptunes were all the rage, and baseball hats were in on the cusp of becoming in style. I would wear my snapback hat in a sexy/girly way though. As in  I wore heels with everything back then, even jeans!  So even on my "comfy" days I still  looked cute and stylish. I would wear my hat with a low chignon (bun) on the left side and the tilt the brim of my hat to the right so my eyes could be seen. I loved that style and it was veryyyy flattering to my face shape(round/chubby Janet Jackson cheeks lol). Of course, the side-turned hat trend died down, and I hung up my hat for good. Or so I thought...now there is a new "woman in baseball hat"  trend! It's all thanks to the return of the snapback hat. And they aren't just making them for boys anymore. Companies are now putting a more feminine touch on these hats. I must say, this is one trend I will be wearing this spring and summer for sure. I already have a few in mind that I would love to try....

This is a new release from Those Girls Are Wild. I absolutely love the Kente cloth accent on the brim! And it is only $42 right now on their site. I think this will be the first one I buy. It is too cute to pass up. It has sort of  a rugged, natural, earthy vibe mixed with a little glitz and glam. I love that it could pretty much go with anything since it is so colorful. They even have  a few pink accents here and there on the hat too! There is nothing boring about this hat at all!

The front
The back

And I would love to get a Memphis Tigers one made in blue with tiger stripes  on the brim kinda like the ones below...

I also love these animal print designs as well! 


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  1. Im with you on the snap back obsession! I just received my those girls are wild snap back. Wore it once and received so many compliments!!! hair was a curly fro underneath and it was just awesomeness!! def. must invest in some more!!


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