Friday, February 3, 2012

Working Woman...

In this week's celeb makeover news Rihanna has been seen sporting a new do'. The Barbadian singer has been  known to change it up pretty often. This time she is rocking a blonde wig, or perhaps it is a full sew-in. Either way it looks like she is channeling Tina Turner and Heather Locklear back in the 80s. I think the 80s and 90s are back in style, but she is incorporating too many elements in this one look. She comes across as trashy and dumpster chic...minus the chic.
The shorts are in style again, and can look decent depending on how you wear them. Thigh high "hooker" boots are also all the rage these days. But I think they are a bit classier when paired with black skinny pants/jeans and a nice blouse. It looks a little more sexy and high class that way instead of coming off like a street walker. 


And lastly, there's the horrible blonde weave or wig. I love blonde hair on black women, and I think many of of us can pull it off because it contrasts with our skin and "pops" so to speak. However, she chose a horrible wig. It looks a bit ratty and trailer park-ish. I'm guessing this is what she was going for, but it is so unflattering. If I saw her walking down the street, I would definitely think she was a street walker. The look is so cheap and tacky! I feel like she is on her way to one of those 80s rock videos. You know, the ones with the women in daisy dukes and bikini tops dancing on the hood of a red corvette or something lol. Great, now I can't get "Pour Some Sugar on Me" out of my head. Personally, I would like to see Rihanna try wearing braids or dread locs. She could even wear them in red, blonde or some funky color that would suit her! I think that would look really nice on her and accentuate her island side. We haven't seen her island flavor in a while, so braids/locs would be refreshing. Plus, it would be a little different from what most pop stars are wearing right now. Other than Solange, most people are rocking a very cookie-cutter look. 

So, what do you think...Is Rihanna's new look hot or a hot mess?

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  1. I don't like the outfit but I LOVE the boots and wig/sew in. And you're right, she does look like she's channeling Heather Locklear.


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