Friday, June 28, 2013

Juice Fast day 26!

Well, Well, is day 26  of my fast. Yipppppy!!!! Okay, as you can see I am extremely happy that day 30 is just around the corner. This will be my last weekend on this fast...whew! I am not really craving pizza or anything today though. Probably because I know the end of this journey is near lol. This week has been okay. As discussed last week in my 3 week update video, I decided to cut back on juice. For breakfast I have my usual 32 oz. and then for lunch and dinner I do a diluted version of half juice/half water. This has made it easier for me to get all of the juice down without wanting to vomit. Plus, the scale is moving at a decent pace.

In other news, I have talked hubby into doing a mini fast over the weekend with me. This should be fun! I wanted him to see a glimpse of what this journey has been like for me. So he will be fasting tonight(Friday), Saturday, and Sunday. He is looking forward to it because the juice tastes good. However, it is harder than it looks. And hopefully he will realize how hard it has been for me. Of course three days isn't long at all. But I think it's enough for him to get a little taste of the fasting life. Ideally seven days would provide a closer glimpse of the fasting lifestyle...but there is no way he could do that. He is already very skinny, so that would be too dangerous.

I will keep you posted on how the hubby holds up lol! Happy Friday folks!

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