Friday, June 7, 2013

Juice Fast Day 5

It's day five of my fast! It's been a pretty decent day so far. Of course I still have urges to eat "normal" food...but I am not going to do so. I don't really know if the urges will completely go away. It's a little hard today because it is Friday. My husband and I normally get a pizza and watch a movie every Friday night. And if we are not doing that, we are going out to eat...or to the drive in movies with a fatty meal in tow.

While doing this fast, I have realized just how much we (people in general) center things around eating. When we go out with a friend or is usually to grab a bite to eat. Family outings normally include food in some capacity as well. And pretty much any date you go on will have some type of food or refreshing beverage there. I realize that I now associate doing certain things with eating. I associate watching movies with eating. I associate watching certain TV shows with eating because hubby and I like to watch them during weekend dinners. And even worse, I associate those movies and shows with eating specific foods (normally fatty ones like pizza, subs and etc.).

So now, every single time we watch one of our favorite shows I crave the things I ate pre-fast. Pizza has been the worst craving. Part of me thought about retraining my brain and body to associate healthy eating. So perhaps I should drink my juice while watching the shows, checking FB and etc. That way, I will begin to associate relaxing and happiness with eating healthy versus associating it with eating a greasy pizza during my favorite show and getting an endorphin release.

That's what this fast is about, right? Detoxing and hitting the reset button on my mind and body. One thing that has kept me strong is knowing I cannot afford to quit now. I am sooooo out of shape and something has to be done. It really helps to see  the number on the scale going down every morning.
Focusing on the end result is very helpful.

Another helpful thing was taking a "before" picture.
Sometimes it is hard to truly see how much our bodies have changed. For me, it's a true reminder or why I cannot give up on this fast. Honesty is the best policy, and sometimes we can be a bit out of touch with the reality until it smacks us right in the belly and thighs face. I encourage women to be honest with themselves. Am I ugly? Not even close. But I need to get to a place of true physical happiness. And right now...I am just not there. Hopefully I will be closer after finishing this fast, and establishing a healthier diet!

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